About us

TopKOL is an e-commerce company that aims to bring high quality luxury products for a great price.

The founder of TopKOL, Alex, saw an opportunity to establish a business that will help people access
the best quality products for the best price by removing the brand premium.

This is possible because most of the high end brands have manufacturers in China.
These manufacturers regardless of the brand they work for have a commitment with high quality in all the
stages of production, from choosing the best materials to making sure the finishing details are perfect.
TopKOL has managed to reduce the prices of these excellent products by removing the brand form the equation,
you will get an item of the same quality for a fraction of the price.

TopKOL has a team of buyers that oversee the quality of the products and select only the best products
for you.With this process we make sure that you are getting the best products manufactured by the best.